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Send a Postcard from your smartphone.

Send a Postcard from a smartphone to your friends’ home address without going to the Post Office. Creating and Sending a postcard from your smartphone using your own holiday photographs is an easy task with the Send Holiday Postcard app. Postcards are delivered by the postman to the recipients’ home address without the need for you to visit the Post Office..

On this website we tell you how to use holiday photos to create and send as a Postcard from a smartphone, without going to the post office by using the Send Holiday Postcard app.

The Send Holiday Postcard app will allow you to:

Send Postcard from your computer without going to the Post Office.

You don't have be a Registered User or provide personal details to send a Postcard as and when you like.

Send Postcard from your smart phone without going near the Postbox.

As a Registered User you can credit funds to your Account with no time limits as to when you spend them.

Send Postcard direct from your iPad without going near the Post Office.

Registered Users can create auxilliary user accounts enabling children and associates to send a Postcard.

Send Postcard from your android tablet without going near the Postbox.

Registered Users can create a mail-shot to transcribe addressee's details they set up onto each Postcard.

The Send Holiday Postcard app will be going live during March 2021

Leave your email address below to be notified when the service goes live. We promise that it will ONLY be used to send you a ONE-OFF email. Your email address will be deleted upon sending it. The email will simply advise you of the definitive launch date with an invitation to download the app should you so desire. To read our User Terms and Privacy Policy, please go to the bottom of this web page and click the specific link.

PLEASE NOTE: The email you will receive advising you that the service is Live, will be sent to you from either www.holidaypostcard.com or www.holidaypostcards.co.uk - these two websites are owned and administered by Holiday Postcards Ltd to specifically handle the creating and posting of Real Holiday Postcards incorporating your holiday photographs following the launch of the Send Holiday Postcard app.